Sarasota Viper Winter Series - Viper 640 International Class Association
Having fun in the sun, with great people, on fast boats is what it is all about this time of year in Sarasota. Big thanks to Elliot Evins for his work in getting this video together! Music credit to Joakim Karud

2018-19 Sarasota Viper Winter Series is Locked and Loaded

The Red Tide is gone and Sarasota Bay is ready to hose some great winter Vipering again this year! Actually, Sarasota will be in popping up in your sailing news feeds here soon as the Sarasota Sailing Squadron will play host to the F18 Worlds next month in addition to Downtown Sarasota hosting the annual World Sailing General Conference.

The format this year will be very familiar to those of you who have made Sarasota your winter Viper home for the past 5 years. Three 2-day events (Dec, Jan, Feb) leading us back to Miami in March for the Bacardi. The only change will be that in Jan and Feb we will be sharing the Squadron and the race course with the VX One fleet as we try to test the true capabilities of Team Doyle Boston/Jackpot’s ‘Hospitality Trailer’ (and best utilize the staff and volunteer resources of the Sailing Squadron).

Registration is live and as always it is a huge help to have you register ASAP. There is a chance that if both fleet max out on numbers, SSS will run out of storage space and turn people away. We were not close to it last year but just to be safe….. get your act together now and be sure to have your spot!

Here is the link to registration:

Here is the NOR: