The 2023 Rules Change Proposals have passed based on the online votes cast. These changes include the following new Rule 8.5 that now includes the list of electronic devices approved by the Technical Committee as of March 25, 2023.  This Rule Change will become effective 1800 March 26, 2023.


8.5 Electronic Devices

(a) Boats may carry the following visible electronic devices when racing:

  • Timing and timing count down devices that are either stand alone or incorporated in another device.
  • An electronic device, including electronic compasses or GPS devices, approved by the VICA technical committee published on the list of Class Approved electronic devices on the Class website.
  • Any electronic device that provides any information beyond compass headings, lifted/ headed indicators, or time and count down information, shall be limited to one visible device on the boat while racing.

Technical Committee’s 2023 list of Class-legal electronic devices. Note, discounts on many of these devices are available to Viper 640 Class members and can be accessed in the Member section of the Viper Forum. 

  • Compass
    1. TackTick T060.
    2. Nautalytics
    3. Velocitek Prism


    GPS Device – Only one per boat

    1. Velocitek Speed Puck.
    2. Novasail Start  – All Functions
    3. Sailmon Max All Functions
    4. Varakos Atlas 2 – Provided the device is set up in “Viper Mode”
    5. Velocitek Prostart Version 2 – All Functions
    6. Novasail 360 – All Functions
    7. Raymarine T070


    Out of Production- Approved

    1. Velocitek ProStart – GPS Dveice
    2. Velocitek Shift – Compass
    3. Velocitek SC1 – Gps Device
    4. Varakos Atlas 1.- GPS Device