Lake Sunapee Invitational Regatta - Viper Mountain Climbing - Viper 640 International Class Association

As reported by Event Chair Mike Deyett:

June 15-16, 2024

We had boats arrive from as far south as Virginia and as far north as Ottawa.   This was not your local typical regatta.  Lunches were provided both days and a  spectacular dinner on Saturday overlooking Lake Sunapee and the surrounding Mountains.   Most teams were provided a place to stay from one of our generous club members.  Mike Lebov coined Lake Sunapee as “a summer sailing camp for adults.” I never thought of it that way, but after this weekend, it’s hard to disagree.

The inaugural regatta brought many firsts. Alexi Schwartzkopff skippered her first Viper Race in winds from 17-26 knots. She was joined by another first-time skipper, Anders Hudson, from Lake Keuka. Sal Rosen had a first in chartering Viper 83 for the summer. It was also the first time I’ve seen a Viper sailor order a drink at the bar from his boat. And for Eddie Wolf, you can’t take the Irish out of the Irishman. It was the first time I’ve seen flip-cup played in our club bar. Additionally, Brad Nichols, a local star crew legend, sailed in a Viper for the first time.

The racing was competitive, fast, and epic. Race one had sustained winds over 20 knots and 20-degree shifts. Dave Nickerson won the race, followed by Mike Deyett. In race two, Mike Deyett had a terrific high set before the offset mark in a 24-knot gust that resulted in a broach. After getting upright, we sailed by Dave Nickerson in the middle of his own broach and swim. Henry Amthor and Van Sheppard finished 1 and 2, with the next four boats finishing nearly simultaneously in the order of Cole Constantineau, Andrew Reynolds, Steve Chapman, and Anders Hudson.

Race three brought some local puffs to Mike Deyett’s direction as he squeaked out a win over Henry. Carnage was had all over the course on Saturday as two Vipers sailed by Anders and, who sailed in for the day for repairs. We had three support boats on the water, and by the fourth race, all were assisting other boats. Race four saw sustained puffs of over 26 knots. Andrew sailed a great race from start to finish and won by a few boat lengths over Cole and Mike Deyett. In the end, almost all of us laid the boat down at one point or another, except Andrew Reynolds and Henry Armthor, who tied in points for first. Mike Deyett finished 2 points behind in third.

First Place – Henry Amthor, Barb Amthor, Brad Nichols

Second Place – Jared Reineck, Dana Robinson, Andrew Reynolds

Third Place – Mike Hull, Tucker Deyett, Mike Deyett

On Sunday, with the wind less than 1 knot, many of us went surfing, used the high dive, or tried the slide out. Therefore, no racing took place.


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