Grace Howie Wins 2022 Viper 640 Women’s Atlantic Coast Championship - Viper 640 International Class Association

Day 2/Final Recap

June 26, 2022

Noroton Yacht Club, Darien, CT


From the moment the first sailors arrived at Noroton Yacht Club this morning, it was “iffy” if there would be any sailing. Flags all around were hanging vertically…but the forecasts said we’d have wind sooner than later. Oh, well, that didn’t happen.

Despite the Harbor Hurricane starting at about 1100, the predicted southerly never filled in on the Soud. It was a tease as for one moment it looks promising only to have any progress moving away. It was like Charlie Brown with Luch holding the football!

At 1300 PRO Howard Seymour and Event Chair Justin Scott blew three horns and hoisted November over Alpha.

Saturday’s three-race results stand with New Yorkers Grace Howie and Elizabeth Hupp sailing with Louisiana sailors Max Allen and Andrew Brennan winning the Championship with a 1-2-1 scoreline for four points. Howie and crew led at every mark for the two races they won. Grace Howie, reigning Viper 640 North American Champion, had the following to say about their win, “Yesterday the conditions were tough with the light air. Even when we were ahead, we had to look for the pressure and protect our position…bow down going fast.”

In second place were Rachel Beardsley (Shelter Island, NY) and Rachel Rhame (Rumson, NJ) with Peter Beardsley as their third. The Rachels finished with six points after a 3-1-2 performance. Rachel Rhame shared, “Since I became a mom, I’ve lost touch with sailing. This event was great to get it back and be on the water.” Rachel Beardsley noted, “It was great to reconnect with Rachel and also with a fleet full of women. It’s a different vibe and it’s exciting to see more female leadership in the Viper Class and the support of the senior leadership of the Class.

In third with 11 points (2-3-6) were Grace Wagner (Norwalk, CT, and the Assistant Sailing Director at Noroton Yacht Club), her sister Clare and Max Famigliette (Sarasota, FL) and Alex Walters (Littleton, PA).

The award for the top all-women’s team went to Noroton Yacht Club’s Charlotte Costikyan in fifth place sailing with Hannah Nightingale, Margret Costikyan, and Kristen Healy.

PRO Howard Seymore said about today’s wind conditions, “As tempting as it was to go out today at times, the conditions weren’t worthy of Championship racing. I’m glad we fought hard for three races yesterday.”

This was another regatta that felt the impact of Covid-19. Of the original 14 boats registered to sail in this Championship, only 11 made it to the starting line Saturday.

The next major Viper 640 Woman’s Championship will be the 2022 Women’s North American Championship being sailed at Gulfport (MS) Yacht Club October 15-16. About the Women’s NAS in Gulfport, Grace Howie said, “Originally, I wasn’t planning on going, but after this win, and with Andrew and Max living down there, we are seriously considering sailing it together.”

Will Grace Howie be able to three-pete? Tune in next October.

Photos: Copyright Rick Bannerot,

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