Mid Atlantic Fleets

Four years ago there was one active, locally owned Viper in Annapolis. The Annapolis Viper Fleet has grown from 3 boats to 8-9 boats in just over a year. Building on the momentum that the Hampton VA. Fleet has brought to the bay, this growth comes from folks who are getting out of other classes as well as folks who are aging in to the ability to buy boats like these.

Our active group are members of either Severn Sailing Association or Eastport YC. The adjacent clubs are in Eastport and have immediate access to the bay.  The viper is perfectly suited to the Chesapeake Bay as it is nicely powered up in light air and also handles big breeze very well. We have a range of conditions here in Annapolis depending on the time of the year and the viper handles all of that rather well.

Off the water our group really enjoys each others company and we try hard to have some social actives on the schedule throughout the year. The camaraderie among the group is high and the active sharing of information and knowledge is a large part of what makes this group work! We strive to be an open group that welcomes anyone who wants to go fast, have fun, and enjoy exciting sailing!

The growth is impressive in the Annapolis fleet and we intend to keep it going. Anyone who is in the Annapolis area is welcome to come and join in the fun. Please feel free to reach out to

Mary Ewenson: maryewenson@gmail.com