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 Snake Bytes
North American Championship Special Edition

August 13, 2024

NAs registration reminder and final
call for entries

Nepean Sailing Club
Ottawa, ON, CAN
September 21–24, 2023

The 2023 Viper 640 North American Championship is just a few weeks away and there is still time to register. Note that the Early Bird entry discount expires in just a few days, August 18, after which the registration fee goes up $75. There are currently 24 boats registered which would indicate that there is a bunch of you sitting on the fence about coming. It’s time to get off that fence and go to Ottawa to race. And, if you’re looking to charter a boat or have one to charter, contact Class Administrator Buttons Padin.

Notice of Race


Ottawa –
All you could ever want from a host city

Most Viper sailors have not had the pleasure of visiting Ottawa, ON, host city for the NAs. Steve Chapman, who lives just to the north of Ottawa, has put together a “Viper Tourist Guide” on Ottawa and, after reading it and looking as some of the video links provided, you’ll get off that fence and register. Gracious Canadian culture, a touch of French cuisine, and amazing historical architecture. Perhaps that’s why Ottawa is host to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To learn more about this engaging and keenly appealing city, click HERE.


New Name For NAs

As you may have noticed above, this championship is now the 2023 Viper 640 North American Championship Presented by BMO Private Wealth. This private banking wing of the Bank of Montreal has stepped up as presenting sponsor giving Nepean Sailing Club the resources to host what will be another world-class Viper championship. To learn more about BMO Private Wealth, click HERE.


New boat inspection protocols

The Technical Committee has been working diligently to streamline the boat inspection protocols for championship regattas. For this NAs, each owner will download, complete, sign, and present at time of inspection the new self-inspection form that will be available in a few days on the event’s Yacht Scoring page. Next week look for NoR Amendment 1 that expands section 9 of the NoR to explain fully how this new inspection process will work including the selection daily of randomly selected boats to be reinspected and measured.


Data collection: 
Sail measurements and weighing boats

The Class does not regularly measure sails as our sailmakers are entrusted with the responsibility of manufacturing Class-legal sails. It’s the same with boat weight. The boats came (mostly) from one builder (Rondar). However, the TC seeks to build a database of actual sail configurations and boat weights for statistical purposes only. NoR Amendment 1 also indicates that five boats’ suits of sails will be measured before the event. Note: should a sail not comply with Class specifications it will not be disqualified from use during this event.


Sail number color contrast

While on the subject of sails, it is imperative that you look at the sail numbers on your sails to make sure they provide proper contrast to the sail itself (see RRS G1.2 (a) stipulates sail and country number shall be the same color and contrast in color to the body of the sail). If you have a mainsail made with a solid black colored laminate and you have back, dark green, dark red, or any other dark color, you will need to contact your sailmaker BEFORE arriving at the NAs and order preferably white country letters and numbers. Some “black” sails have transparent scrim so dark numbers work.

Please check your mains. Removing your current letters and numbers will not damage your sail and putting on these new, contrasting numbers is easy. If you have questions, contact your sailmaker.


Doyle Boston NAs Clinic

While on the subject of sailmakers, Doyle Boston Sailmakers’ Brad Boston will be conducting a two-hour clinic Thursday afternoon, September 21. All boats are encouraged to participate in this clinic. Brad has won the NAs five times so everyone stands to learn something from him. Thanks, Brad and Doyle Boston Sailmakers.


Thursday night club racing invitation

While on the subject of Thursday, Nepean Sailing Club holds its weekly “beer can” racing on Thursday nights. September 21 will be no different and all the Vipers in town are invited to join the evening racing with our own one-design start. Should be fun.


Dates set for 2024 NAs in Long Beach, CA

Arguably, two of the top Viper 640 regattas EVER were the 2014 NAs and the 2019 Worlds hosted in Long Beach, CA, by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. Thanks to Viper West Coast VP and ABYC Member Ed Feo, the Vipers are returning to ABYC for the 2024 North Americans – Sept 13-15, 2024. There will be more announced on the 2024 NAs shortly but mark your calendars now! Thanks Ed and ABYC.


Got new sails? You’ll need sail registration stickers.

Email Buttons Padin


Member Dues

All Viper owners should have received numerous notes to pay their Class Dues. If you haven’t yet, please click on this link and sign-in to Wild Apricot using your e-mail address.  VIPER DUES


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