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NA Vipers are sailing again!

 Snake Bytes
April 5, 2021

I am always amazed at the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to get to know in the Viper Class and particularly those that volunteer their time. So as I try to follow Justin Scott in the role of International Class Chair, I want to thank him and all those who give their time and passion to making the Viper class fun.

The World Championship is my main responsibility. With the Covid pandemic making international travel difficult if not impossible in 2021, it was very disheartening to have to delay the 2021 Worlds. Many experts are hoping 2022 will see a resumption of travel, so with this in mind we are working with Bacardi to hopefully host our next World Championship in Miami in April 2023.

This is still a work in progress, but I am confident we will be able to formally announce this in the coming months.  Pencil this into your calendar in the first week of April 2023 and stay tuned for more information.

Steve Chapman
Viper 640 International Class Association



Viper 640 racing is commencing around North America following on the lead of Australia’s Viper fleets that have been racing throughout their summer season. The GYA kicked off their Capdevielle series in March with the Mardi Gras Regatta and the San Diego NOOD regatta was the first major event on the west coast since lockdown began.

Mardi Gras Results and Capdevielle schedule HERE.

Here’s Tim Carter’s take on the NOOD with link to longer story at end.

Across the bar and into 2021

The ABYC Viper Fleet with friends in tow decided to chance this year’s version of the San Diego NOOD event on Mar 19-21. This was the first event we have sailed since the 2019 Worlds due to the lovely C-19 pandemic. It is good to still be here.

Ah, Viper sailing: pack the boat, drive, unpack, launch, sail, drink, sleep…   rinse, return. We had a “Chamber of Commerce” weekend on the South Bay, saw breeze into high teens on Friday, 10-14 on Saturday, and 8-12 Sunday.  The secret was to stay in pressure and the good shifts.  The other secret was to survive the evening.

Geoff Fargo from Santa Barbara gave us all a clinic, ABYC’s James Baurley came in second and I nipped Dan Milifchek for third.  Had it not been for a broken spin halyard, Dan would have been 3rd.

Genuinely great eight boats on the water again and looking for some sense of normalcy


Longer story and results HERE.


The Viper website’s event calendar is starting to fill-up with local, regional, and national regattas. Now is the time to visit that schedule and mark your calendar with the events you want to be part of. Here are some upcoming majors:

Annapolis NOOD

April 30-May 2

Annapolis Yacht Club

10 Vipers already registered

Information and online registration HERE.

Viper Atlantic Coast Championship

May 22-23

Eastport Yacht Club

12 Vipers registered

Information and online registration HERE.

Normally, plenty of mast-up storage between the two Annapolis, MD events. This year J/70 North American’s are in Annapolis May 9-15. We do have, however, three mast-up storage spots for any additional Vipers who register for both events by April 9. Come on to Annapolis and join us.

Viper Gulf Coast Championship

May 22-23

Fairhole Yacht Club

20-25 Vipers expected

Information and online registration HERE.



Women’s NAs – October 2-3

North Americans – October 7-10

Noroton Yacht Club, Darien, CT

Event Chairs Bob McHugh and Nancy Pearson are doing an epic job planning this year’s North Americans and Women’s North Americans. The NAs has been widely promoted and there are currently 42 Vipers registered with the anticipation that, in seven months, we will have about 60 boats registered making this the largest Viper regatta ever! NOTE: trailer spots are being assigned based on registration dates so don’t procrastinate. No entry fees will be collected unto July so register now!

While the NAs are annually a big deal for the Class, our hosting the first Women’s North Americans is a huge deal! While it’s unrealistic to expect a Women’s fleet the size as the NAs (this year), we are anticipating well over 25 women-helmed boats on the starting line October 2.

The WNAs is also a Class initiative to help grow the Class. With so many excellent women sailors, we want to attract them to the Viper 640. You might ask, “How can I help with the WNAs?” Simply, the Class is recruiting non-Viper owners from across North America to come to Noroton to race. What you can do is make your boat available for the WNAs. If you’re more comfortable being on the boat, you can crew on your boat for one of the guest women drivers. That’s a win/win.

If you want to make your Viper available for the WNAs, either with or without you aboard, please email Class Administrator Buttons Padin ASAP. We have a growing list of top-flight women we’ve invited to sail and now we just need boats for them to use.

Women’s North Americans information and online registration HERE.

North Americans information and online registration HERE.

NOTE: Only three women’s teams have registered so far…and we know that’s only the tip of the iceberg. All women sailors interested in participating in this historic event should go ahead and register and we’ll find you a boat. Again, no registration fees due until July.



Windcheck Magazine is running a story in their April issue about the WNAs. Included is one of Sharon Green’s shots from the 2019 Worlds showing Nancy Griley (Santa Barbara YC) driving upwind. Read the story HERE.


The Class has reached out to everyone numerous times about the updated Class Rule requiring permanent bow numbers effective January 1, 2021. To date, only 125 boats have ordered bow numbers. With over 300 boats in the fleet, there are a lot of boats that aren’t Rules compliant for 2021. It takes our supplier a while to make/ship each set, so don’t procrastinate any longer as they are now required by the Class.

To order your bow numbers click HERE. NOTE: This order process is set-up in Wild Apricot as an “event,” so don’t be confused.



Covid certainly didn’t diminish the negative Murphy’s Law has had on the Class’ 2021 Membership Dues collection process. Theoretical payments my most who had previously been “auto-renewal” members did not go through this January 1. As such, a lot of you who think you’re a paid-up member are not.

If you’re not 100% sure you’ve paid your dues, you should:

  1. Log into the Viper Wild Apricot homepage:
  2. Top right, click on “Log In”
  3. Your user name is your email address, if you don’t remember your password, reset and record it.
  4. Once you’ve logged-in, click on your name in the top right corner.
  5.  Your Profile page will appear

6.  Click on the grey box to Renew to 1 Jan 2022.

7.  Then follow the prompts to update your Profile as appropriate and pay your dues online.

8.  Problems or questions, call Buttons Padin from 9-5 ET at 914-834-8286.



The Viper 640 Class Association’s operating budget is driven by the combination of Member dues and Sail Royalty payments. Both of these revenue streams have softened since the pandemic hit. If you would like to help support the Class beyond your dues and sail royalty fees, you can now click on “Donate To The Class” on the homepage of the Viper website or you can simply click HERE.

Thank you for your generosity.



If there is a single attribute that differentiates the Viper Class from any other is the people. We all know a lot of Viper sailors, but we don’t know them all. Who better than to re-boot our beloved BKAV series (Better Know a Viperer) than our one and only Eleni Asimacopoulos!

If you’ve been to a Viper regatta anywhere in eastern North America over the last 6-7 years, you’ve undoubtedly seen Eleni holding down the middle position on #39 (Patched Up), #235 (Meow!), or now Via an interfleet marriage (yay!): Porkchop (#166). Increasingly over the last two seasons, she’s also been working on her chops at the helm as she prepares for the 2021 Women’s North American Championship in October. To read the full interview with Eleni, click HERE.


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