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 Snake Bytes
January 13, 2023

Worlds Update


The Allstate Sugarbowl 2023 Viper 640 World Championship is just ten weeks away.

If you haven’t make plans to travel to New Orleans for this year’s Worlds, there is still plenty of time. Make your plane reservations NOW while flights are still cheap. Find a hotel or AirBNB so you’re set-up for the week. And…oh yeah…REGISTER!!!

As of today, 33 teams have registered and the word is that there are a dozen or so boats still planning to come. We’ve all gone through this before – register early so the organizers know how many happy, hungry Viperers to plan for.

And, if you register by January 22 you save $100 on the entry fee. That will buy you more than a few Hurricanes in the Quarter on the layday.

The Viper Executive Committee recently discussed how we’re looking for more boats to register. If, in fact, the only reason you’re not registering to sail in the Worlds you don’t want to drag your Viper all the way to New Orleans, then call Steve Chapman who will work with you to find a charter boat, particularly if you’re sitting in Europe, Australia, or South Africa.

Sitting on the fence can become very uncomfortable…and expensive…so make the call and register for the 2023 Viper 640 Worlds and U23 Worlds today! And, it you need more incentive, SYC has two more sponsors meaning more beer and more fun for everyone.

Southern Yacht Club

2023 Viper 640 Worlds – March 26-31  – Registration and information

2023 Viper 640 U23 Worlds – March 24-26 – Registration and information



The SYC members have volunteered to take out spectators for front row seats at the Worlds. If you are planning to sail in the Worlds or U23 Worlds in March and will have folks accompanying you that would like to watch the racing on a spectator boat, please let Event Chair Mamsie Manard know ASAP.  Contact Mamsie at  Think of these spectator boats as being on the 50 yard line for the Sugarbowl!



The following is the Committee’s current thinking.

Saturday, March 24 – All boats for the U23 Worlds launched and stay in the water.

Sunday, March 25 – All boats must be launched by 1700 when the AGM is scheduled to begin. Boats that sailed in the U23 may be hauled temporarily to have their bottoms washed but then must be launched again for the night.

Monday, March 26 – All boats remain in the water

Tuesday, March 27 – Boats may be hauled after racing and remain out of the water

Wednesday, March 28 – Scheduled Layday 

Thursday, March 29 – All boats must be launched by 0930 and will remain in the water that night.

Friday, March 30 – All boats may be hauled after completion of racing.

Note, if weather conditions require shifting of the Layday, this schedule will be updated and all competitors notified via the official notice board.



There are still two weekends of Pre-Worlds racing in the same waters where we will be for the Worlds. The first two weekends have seen pretty competitive sailing so make plans to sail one way or another and sharpen your skills.

SYC Winter Series #3 – Feb. 4-5 –Information and registration

SYC Winter Series #4 – Mar. Feb. 4-5 –Information and registration


Member Dues

All Viper owners should have received numerous notes to pay their Class Dues. If you haven’t yet, please click on this link and sign-in to Wild Apricot using your e-mail address.  VIPER DUES


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