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 Snake Bytes
February 14, 2023
Happy Valentine’s Day!

SYC Winter Series #3
February 4-5, 2023

Young Guns Win It Again

(Or as Joe Pechi would say in “My Cousin Vinny, “The Yoots did it!”)

SYC Winter Series #3 – February 4-5, 2023

Young Guns Win It Again

(Or as Joe Pechi would say in “My Cousin Vinny, “The Yoots did it!”)

Ricky Welch, Harrison Menszer, and Matthew Dupuy’s Southern Challenge (314) reprised their victory from Winter Series #2 with another win in February. It was great to see the NESS team (158) back with Tim Desmond after Listeria knocked him down late last year.  Mark Zagol, Tim, and Drew Buttner on NESS were trading leads back and forth with Southern Challenge until the last race. The next five boats–Marek Zaleski on Team Z (237), Zak Fanberg on Crazyhorse Mongoose (232), Austin Powers on Robot Flamingo (298), Jay Rhame, Peter Beardsley, and Michelle Lee on Great Scott! (269), and Josh Deupree and the MYC team (254) — were separated by only three points. Talk about close racing!

Close back and forth racing with tight finishes was the rule. The fleet got off four races on Saturday in variable conditions and then a fifth on Sunday before the breeze shut down. Southern Yacht Club put on a great cocktail party on Saturday which encouraged a lively debrief. Afterwards, teams headed out for great New Orleans food and a glimpse of the first of the Mardi Gras parades! Overall a great weekend with sunshine and conditions ranging from 5-14 knots from the east all the way around to the northwest. A big thanks to PRO Nathan Adams and the SYC team for efficient, well-run races.

Photos courtesy of New Orleans Sailing.

Sailing photos:


Allstate Sugarbowl Viper 640 World Update

The Viper Worlds are shaping up to be an amazing event. We have seen the Southern Yacht Club volunteers and staff gearing up for the big event throughout the first 3 Winter Series events. 

This is a great club with fantastic facilities and wonderful volunteers and staff. And thanks to our title sponsor, this is event not to be missed!  

Our media partner has put out the event teaser. Check it out on YouTube:

We’re six weeks away from the first race and there is still time to register. Currently, 34 boat are set to compete and Viper Southern Region VP Zach Fanberg reports that there are a few more GYA boats who intend to participate. Getting up to 40 entries is still very much on the cards. Teams who have attended the Winter Series report that there are still affordable places to rent (Airbnb and VRBO), and there is a good deal on hotel rates if you prefer.  More importantly, there are great restaurants, not to mention bars and music venues to cater to all tastes.

Members at SYC have also volunteered to take spectators out on their yachts to watch the racing, which will take place right in front of the club, where a good view can also be had from the club bar or dining room!

Logistics are really easy, lots of room for boats, trailers, cars and 3 hoists make launching a dream. The racecourse is right in front of the club so getting to the start line should be easy even for the most dedicated party animals.

The preceding weekend’s Viper U23 Championship is also still open for registration, has five entries, and has the makings of a competitive regatta.

Keep an eye out for the Regatta Documents. There will be an amendment to the NoR and the SIs are ready for distribution and will be posted well before the start date.

For information or to register click below:


U23 Championship


Notice of International Annual General Meeting

March 26, 2023, 1700 CDT

Southern Yacht Club

Zoom link will be available

In accordance with the Viper 640 International Class Constitution section 10.2, this announces the 2023 International AGM providing the preliminary Order of Business:

·        Review of the minutes of the last meeting

·        Reports by Council Members

·        Reports by Governors

·        Vote on Class Rules change proposals

·        New Business

If any Member would like to add an agenda item for the AGM, please forward appropriate information and background to the International Secretary John Leyland, and Class Administrator Buttons Padin.

This meeting will be available on Zoom and a link will be sent to the Members prior to the meeting.


Class Rules Proposals Vote

The Class has sent electronic ballots to all Owners asking for them to vote for this year’s slate of rule proposals. Many of you have already voted, but some had difficulty with the link to the ballot.

To read all about this year’s proposed rule changes and to vote, click HERE.

Membership Renewals

If you still haven’t paid your 2023 Viper dues, click on the following link to do so. Remember, non-North American Viper owners’ fee is only US$25.

Update Membership


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