Local  Administration

To contact us in general, email admin@viper640.bm

Or, find us on Facebook: Bermuda Viper 640 Association – that’s where our most current news, gossip, and general chatter will be found.

Feel free to contact any of us for more class information, or to get a ride on a Viper.


  • Class President: Douglas De Couto (Ragamuffin – BER 73, Man O’ War BER 233), decouto@alum.mit.edu, (441) 707 5537
  • Class Secretary: Peter Miller (Honey Badger – BER 156), petertmiller9@gmail.com
  • Class Treasurer: D’Arcey Betschart
  • Director of International Affairs: Butch Agnew (Honey Badger – BER 156, Overproof – BER 160), bagnew@gmail.com
  • Member at Large: Somers Kempe (Smokin’ – BER 125), somers@mahoganyreef.com, (441) 704 0102

Class Documents