How to Buy



Rondar actually make “YOUR” boat. You don’t just get the next one off the line.

The starting point for ordering a new Viper is to review and complete an order form, and contact Rondar Raceboats UK to submit your order, specifying the boat and deciding which options you would like to order.

Click here to download your order form and submit to Rondar Raceboats UK (in £GBP)

If you have questions prior to placing an order, contact us to discuss.

Once you’ve completed your order, email or fax the order form to Rondar – Rondar will require a 10% deposit.

The Class Association will endeavour to provide you with the name of a “tuning partner”. This is an existing Viper owner, usually one from your nearest fleet. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about sailing a Viper.