Sail Button Purchase

Starting in 2012, Sail Registration Stickers (aka “Buttons”) are required for all sails on the race course.  The Class Rules on registering sails went into effect 3/31/11 and 2011 was the transition year.

As part of implementing this rule, “new” sails are considered those built on or after 1/1/2011 and get red stickers that you purchase from the Class via PayPal below.

Sail registration stickers are free for all “old” sails built prior to 1/1/2011.  These stickers are black and are available from members of the Technical Committee (Tim Carter, Ben Steinberg & Dave Nickerson) and the Treasurer (Tony Chapman).  Please contact them via email in the Class forums.

Sometimes Technical Committee members will have both new and old sail registration stickers available at regattas, but please make arrangements with them ahead of time.

Viper Sail Registration How-To May 2016

The Class Rules on sail acquisition can be found in Section 7.8.  Note that the vintaging of sails is tied to their date of first use in any race, not the calendar year of purchase.  Please also see Technical Committee Interpretation 14.4 if you have an EFG spinnaker from 2010 and that impacts your 2011 inventory limits.

Although your sail registration sticker request will be reviewed by the Class, the ultimate responsibility for complying with the Class Rule rests with the boat owner.  Sail registration stickers may be purchased by sailmakers on behalf of owners, but all the requested boat, owner and sail information must be provided.

Please complete all fields below, as well as provide a correct shipping address at the PayPal checkout. Your order cannot be processed without all information.

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