About the Class

The Class association is a group of avid Viper owners and equally devout Viper crew. We share useful tips on the boat and help each other and prospective Viper sailors get out on the water.

The Class Association was relaunched in 2004 in Marblehead when a small group of Viperers met at the upstairs bar in Maddies Sail Loft.

Since then

The Class has grown to represent close to 200 owners and over a hundred crew.

The participation in the 2012 Pan American Championships was over 70 boats and entrants in the North American Championship in Marblehead was 45 boats including competitors from Australia, UK, Canada, Netherlands and the USA; up from 36 boats in 2009, up from 26 boats in 2008, up from 18 in 2007, up from 13 in 2006. Our goal is to see 100 Vipers on a start line in in this decade.

Long Beach North Americans 2014

Long Beach North Americans 2014

in 2005, the Class Association appointed Rondar as the class builder and Rondar agreed that the Class should be responsible for approving all future class builders. Rondar subsequently agreed that the molds are controlled by the Class Association, creating a Class that is truly controlled by its members. The Viper Class Association is run by its members for its members. The class remains proud of its grass roots origins, serving its sailors interests above all others.

The first new Rondar boat arrived stateside in October 2006. Rondar has sold over 125 boats and the total number of boats in North America US has grown to over 180.

In addition to the original fleet in Marblehead, there are Vipers and Viper fleets in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Arizona, California, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Chicago, New Jersey, Long Island Sound, the Chesapeake, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont and the Pacific North West.