“It’s a perfect balance of dinghy and keelboat”

If you are looking for the perfect compromise between the performance of a dinghy and the stability of a keelboat, the Viper 640 sportsboat is the answer. It enables you to sail as part of a dinghy fleet with a Portsmouth Yardstick number or enjoy keelboat racing with an IRC rating. This flexibility makes the Viper a clear winner.

It is easy to tow behind any medium sized vehicle and quick to rig. It typically takes about 45 minutes to fit the mast, boom and sails. The launch is simple, either by crane or with just 60cms (two feet) of water, the Viper floats off the trailer. When in deeper water, ideally alongside a pontoon, the keel is lowered using a simple block and tackle system. Two bolts quickly secure the keel in the down position. You are now ready to go sailing!

The Viper is clean, simple and efficient, with controls lines easily at hand and a spacious, wide cockpit. With three crew there is plenty of space, but up to four can be accommodated and the decks are really comfortable. The gnav (boom vang) system opens out the front area, to provide crew comfort and increased space. The jib sheet system is 2:1, so young and old can easily trim without difficulty.

The max width makes it easy to keep upright and downwind you don’t have to worry about sitting out at the back of the boat – the design is great, it gets up and planes with the crew in the centre.

The asymmetric spinnaker is easily hoisted out of the chute from the cockpit, using a swivel cleat on the mast. The carbon bowsprit is simple to launch using a rope control. Kite sheeting and gybing are easy and recovery is safe, quick and simple by pulling the retrieval line; it collapses and is sucked back into the chute. Two dry stowage tanks are fitted either side of the cockpit for personal belongings, food and drinks.

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