Repairs & Upgrades

It is inevitable that you will get dings and scratches when sailing, and occasionally more severe damage. Our Class builder is familiar with all types of damage and can effect quality GRP repairs.

In 2017, the Class voted to allow a vertical configuration of the Viper rudder. For newly constructed boats, the rudder tower has a vertical aft face onto which a gudgeon is attached.

For Vipers including Mk III thru Mk V, with a swept forward after face on a larger, Rondar built rudder tower, a conversion gudgeon, the Vertical Bracket 2 (VB2) can easily be retrofitted to a Viper. In some cases, however, when the existing gudgeon and rudder use 8mm pintles, the pintles on the rudder will need to be replaced with 10mm pintles. Also, a new tiller is required as the reorienting of the rudder elevates the rudder to an impractical angle.

For Mk I and Mk II boats with small rudder towers, there is currently no way to install the VB2 as the bracket’s backing plate is wider than the original, smaller rudder tower. Starting in the winter of 2018-19, Whitecap Composites is able to manufacture to order sloped, MK III rudder tower that can be retrofitted to the small tower boats. This aftermarket tower, approved by the Technical Committee, can be fitted with a VB2 rudder bracket that can be ordered from Rondar Raceboats. Check with the Technical Committee for updates.

If you are interested in obtaining a VB2, a new tiller and, if appropriate, new pintles for your Viper, you can order them from Rondar Parts UK or Rondar Parts North America

There may also be upgrades available such as the new keel cassette, that secures the keel inside the slot. Contact Rondar Raceboats’ nearest agent to arrange repairs and upgrades.

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