Viper Miami 2017 Logistics Update - Viper 640 International Class Association

Here’s the latest skinny on Miami this coming week. You can download the document to print and have with you. You can also just continue reading.

Download: Viper Miami 2017 Logistics Update 1

The Viper 640 Class Association

Viper 640 Miami 2017 – Logistics Update #1

With Miami being a “destination” for many Viper sailors, there are lots of logistics to be managed during your stay. Hopefully, the following will update you on many aspects of the two upcoming Viper regattas and help you make this a great week of sailing on Biscayne Bay.

Included are:

  • Overall schedule
  • EFG Winter Cup update
  • Viper Miami Scorch update and sign-up link
  • Viper Class Dinner update and sign-up link
  • Bacardi Miami Sailing Week details

Overall Viper Miami Schedule

Saturday, March 3    Boats arrive at US Sailing Center Miami for set-up

Sunday, March 4      1200 – EFG Winter Cup competitors’ meeting at USSCM
1300 – First warning

Monday, March 5      1025 – First warning

Tuesday, March 6     1030 – Miami Scorch Start at the outermost channel markers
1200 – Miami Scorch Luncheon at Boater’s Grille in No Name Harbor, Key Biscayne

Wednesday, March 7 Lay Day – but boats must be in the water at Coral Reef YC by 1800
1530–1830 – BMSW Registration at Hospitality Village adjacent to the US Sailing Center as last year

Thursday, March 10 1055 – EFG-Pan-Am Championship/BMSW  Day 1 – First warning
1830 – Viper Class Dinner – Peacock Garden Café

Friday, March 11      1055 – EFG-Pan-Am Championship/BMSW Day 2 – First warning

Saturday, March 12  1055 – EFG-Pan-Am Championship BMSW Day 3 – First warning
1700 – Awards Ceremony



I will be at the US Sailing Center Saturday morning to help people scrambling to put together their Vipers. If you still haven’t paid your class dues by then, or if you need new sail buttons, THAT IS THE TIME to deal with these issues. Thanks.


I understand that not everyone sailing Bacardi will be in town for the Winter Cup; however, if you will be in Miami, this is a great tune-up regatta. There is still time to register HERE.  We currently have 11 boats signed-up and I know of at least four more that have yet to complete their registration. Please do so ASAP, please. And if you need a crew, let me know that, too.

Winter Cup SIs will be posted soon on YachtScoring HERE.

If you haven’t secured a trailer reservation at US Sailing Center, you can launch there an park your trailer per the document found HERE.

EFG Winter Cup Participants

Here is a list of participants in the EFG Winter Cup regatta. I will have a complete boat#/boat name/skipper/crew handout at the Competitors’ Meeting but there are still a lot of holes on the registration forms.  You can update your crew roster by sending me an e-mail with names to and I’ll add them to your registration. BTW, this will be a pretty good regatta with 15+ boats.

Registered skippers/crew/crew/crew – Blanks indicate registration gaps

  1. Anthony O’Leary
  2. David Prodger
  3. Dave Furna
  4. Eric White
  5. Craig and Deborah Wilusz
  6. Nick Amendola
  7. Bill Abbott
  8. Lawrence Crispin
  9. Bob Amthor and familia
  10. Steve Chapman
  11. Cole Constantineau

Miami Scorch – Tuesday, March 6 – Logistics Update


What’s the Miami Scorch, you ask? It’s a screaming reach across Biscayne Bay from Coconut Grove to No Name Harbor on Key Biscayne. This informal race from the mouth of the harbor and end by tying-up at the Boater’s Grille in the lovely, secluded No Name Harbor.  Bring fenders and dock lines!
Here’s the deal: We will meet at the US Sailing Center at 0945 to confirm start details and pass out charts. We will rendezvous at the outer buoy from the harbor and have our warning at 1030.  We will have an informal start with the countdown provided over the radio.  It’s a straight shot across the bay and charts will be available that morning showing where we are going.

You can also pay cash at the luncheon (+$2), but I’ll still need your headcount and prepaying will make everyone’s (read between the lines…”my”) Scorch more fun.  Cash bar for all drinks.We need to confirm headcount by Friday so I’ll need you to register HERE input by the Saturday, March 4. PLEASE click on this link and give me your best guess of the size of your party including those driving as well as sailing.

If you or part of your group doesn’t want to sail across the Bay, the Boater’s Grille can be reached by car, too.


Craig and Deb Wilusz from Gulf Performance Sailing have a truck full of gear and parts in Miami for BMSW with all manner of Viper parts and gear if you need any replacements. They usually bring a range of Viper-specific parts as well as line for replacement sheets or halyards, and the standard blocks, cleats, etc. If you need something, give Craig a call at (850) 797-2933 or e-mail him at

Steve Chapman again has planned for a wonderful Class dinner Thursday night at Peacock Garden Café, 2889 McFarlane Road, Coconut Grove. With over 100 of your closest Viper friends (ok, competitors) coming, it will be a night to be remembered throughout all of Viperdom. With a little help from our wonderful sponsor, EFG, we will be treated to a sumptuous 3-course meal for $50 per person including tax and tip. Viper fans and family welcome. After dinner the results from the EFG Winter Cup will be reported and prizes awarded.

To help us manage the Peacock Garden’s expectations, if you haven’t already registered, click HERE.

EFG Pan-Am Champs / Bacardi Miami Sailing Week

Last year the hospitality village was adjacent to the US Sailing Center so it was very convenient. This year, however, the village will be further south beyond Shake-a-leg and by City Hall at the new Regatta park.  Registration and all evening hospitality will be at that location.

Vipers, however, will be in the water by 1600 Wednesday night and docked at the Coral Reef Yacht Club. Your friendly Class Administrator went to the mat with the organizers about more dock space at CRYC and not having the Stars take our spaces as they await their turn to haul. That being said, BRING BUMPERS FOR DOCKING!!!

The OA has promised me we will have both sides of the floating pier (usually the inside had been RC boats) and that they will have someone at CRYC to get the Stars out of the water faster so they aren’t sitting there when we come in.  If you find this year’s situation better than in past years, you can express your deep and sincere gratitude in the form of a pina colada at the CRYC bar!


Don’t leave anything in your cars while parked outside the US Sailing Center or elsewhere.  If you do, you’ll arrive home from sailing to find your windows smashed in and your goodies gone. Last year Lawrence Crispin learned this lesson the hard way. Nuff said.


If it’s not too late, bring your country’s flag, your state’s flag, your home club’s burgee and fly it from your masthead while ashore. Let’s dress-up Miami a bit.

Questions, comments, suggestions. Let me know. Otherwise PLEASE RSVP the Scorch and Class Dinner ASAP.

See you where it’s warm,