“I fell in love with it from the first trial sail”

The Viper requires minimal maintenance. The ease of lifting the keel reduces the need for mooring or berthing costs. It can be towed easily so you can take it home with you, or leave it in the dinghy park.

You can race intensively, visit regattas every weekend or race and cruise from your local club. It suits all requirements.

It is ideal for families because of its ease of handling. There is no complicated spinnaker pole, just a carbon bowsprit launched by a single rope line. Control lines are easy to pull and at hand. Many boats sail competitively with crew as young as nine years old.

The positive steering and stability in all weather conditions offers reassurance and confidence. The boat is self righting, but (unlike most keelboats) safety lines are fitted to the rear gunwale to aid recovery onboard should a crew fall off. The Viper passes the stringent ‘self righting’ test in the European Recreational Craft Directive and the International Stability and Buoyancy Standard ISO 12217.

There are a number of approved sailmakers, although the boat is delivered with a complete suit of Doyle, North, or Ullman racing sails to a standard proven pattern. The price is very competitive and is inclusive of everything. All you need are tie straps and a trailer lighting board to tow away.

Vipers are produced in the UK by Rondar’s skilled team of boat builders in Wiltshire. The specification features a carbon mast enabling sailors to easily step the rig. The launch of the Viper is planned in Germany during 2015, whilst strong Viper fleets already exist in the USA, UK and Australia.


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