What People Are Saying


Quotes about the Viper 640 from marine professionals and personal sailors around the world…


“One-Design classes begin with a boat, but succeed because of its members. The Viper 640 class is riding a wave of enthusiasm that may never reach the beach.”

Curmudgeon, Scuttlebutt


“When you first take off downwind in the Viper, you realize that the boats are fast, real fast…… and then the perma-grin sets in as the funmeter gets pegged.”

Scott Nixon


“The Viper 640 is still one of the most fun boats I have ever sailed.”

Phil Crebbin, Americas Cup skipper, 470 Olympian


“The Viper has a terrific feel on the helm and it is one of the best designed sports keelboats available today.”

Dave Curtis, six time Etchell World Champion and former Viper 640 owner


“Make no mistake about it, there’s a new kid on the block. Fast, close racing, big fleets, a great supportive builder and a class association that rivals any other. Go Viper!”

John Porter, previous Melges 24 Class Association President, twice Finn North American Champion and Viper owner


“The most fun I have had racing one design in my entire adult life.”

Stu Hebb, Miami


“My wife drives, my son crews and I do tactics.”

JB Braun, FD Olympian, Mumm 30 North American Champion & BMW/Oracle Americas Cup principle sail designer and Viper owner


“One of the fastest growing and most exciting niches in sailboat racing.”

Hal Smith, PRO “Roaring Twenties” circle, Charleston Race Week


“The one that left you wondering how you got so lucky.”

Post on Sailing Anarchy


“With regard to the performance difference between the 20’s. The Vipers are faster, period.”

David Hammett, Melges 20’ sport boat owner and Viper connoiseur!


“The Viper is totally up to date in hull geometry and rig.”

Bob Perry, full review at Perry Yacht Design


“The Viper 640 is without a doubt, a sweet sailing boat.”

Betsy Allison, Sailing World


“It was great to windward, but once we turned downwind I was convinced. I wanted one!”

David Pitman, three times contender World Champion


“It’s fast around the course and a great to sail. I can’t get the smile off my face.”

Mike Relling, international sailmaker and big boat sailor


“What a great boat and a fantastic class the Viper is.”

Brad Boston. Sailmaker, Olympian, Ultimate 20 North American Champion and Viper owner


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