viper_lines_200ABOUT THE DESIGN

The Viper 640 was designed by Brian Bennett with the concept of being “Simple, Clean and Effective”. When Rondar Raceboats took over construction, they committed to new moulds and applied their high-performance dinghy building skills to the Viper. The result – an immensely strong boat, but at a low weight.

The Viper is a strict One-Design Class making it ideal for national and international racing.


Alternatively, if you want just to go for a sail, then the Viper offers you the safety and security of a keelboat with high performance. Wide decks and a deep keel ensure comfort and stability in almost all weather conditions.

Run out of wind or manoeuvring in the harbour?
Every Viper is pre-fitted to mount an outboard bracket, one of the few “extras” that are available.


Everything you need to go racing is included in the price. The few extras that you might consider are a wind indicator, trailer lighting, outboard bracket, covers, GPS or your choice of tactical electronic equipment.


The Viper is easy to transport and is simple to launch and recover which makes the Viper 640 a winner in the keelboat market. Rigging and launching can easily be done by two people.

You can tow a Viper with any medium sized car. When unhitched and using the jockey wheel the 749 lb (340 kg) all up weight is easy to manoeuvre.

The carbon mast can be raised either by a straight lift or by securing the mast heel near the step and hoisting with the spinnaker halyard, secured to the trailer. Once upright, the shrouds and forestay can be quickly connected. It takes just a few minutes.

The carbon mast is two piece, ideal for shipping or storing.


The Viper will float off it galvanised road trailer in about two ft (60 cms) of water.

The boat is fitted with lifting points so that it can be hoist launched with a bridle. It is fast and easy.


When in deeper water the keel is lowered using a block and tackle system supplied and secured in the ‘down’ position by two bolts.


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