Written by Greg Jackson

Friday, finally… I hope the boss is gone for the rest of the day. I’m outa here!

2 pm and there are already four vippers rigged! Sweet! Mark and Drew, in from CA, go for a test sail and I get Laurent to help me install my new jib blocks. After a few beers and a party in the evening, I’m off to bed.



Desert Viper 640

Desert Snakes

Saturday morning was a tense, with the Vipers getting ready for the Leukemia Cup and Birthday Regatta, the 49th running of this event. After a prepared breakfast, three successful races were run. The races were held in around eight knot wind, and mid seventy degree temps. My most successful day ever and second through fourth place within three points of each other.

Then back to the tent for dinner. Well done to the successful fundraising effort for the Leukemia and lymphoma society, raising over $67,000.00. AYC members and guests are incredible!

Sunday morning came with a crisp sixty degree temperature and plentiful winds; 13 knots average with gusts to 26! The day was a beautiful day to be on the water for five more races. I need to remember not to over-rotate during a jibe in a big puff. Luckily no pics, so it didn’t happen…

Thanks everyone for making it out! Let’s keep this class growing out here on the West and continue growing this regatta!