Update:- Since this article was written, the US Sailing elections were held and Maureen was elected to the board of US Sailing with a large vote.  We congratulate Maureen on her new role and thank Viper Class members for their support.  At the US Sailing agm it was also announced that Justin Scott was elected to US Sailing’s house of delegates and a member of the US Sailing One Design Council. If any Viper Class members have views or ideas about what US Sailing should be doing for our sport, please contact either Maureen or Justin. 




Occasionally the President has to step aside from his/her executive role and do some political campaigning.


As anyone who has ever been involved in politics knows, rule #1 is to get a seat at the table. In the upcoming elections for the board of directors at US Sailing, the Viper class and all Viper owners have an unparalleled opportunity to get a seat at the table.


Maureen McKinnon-Tucker is a nominee for the board of directors. There are all sorts of truly good reasons why you should vote for Maureen. She is an inspiration both on a national level and on a personal level. I have know her since before the fall which paralyzed her from the waist down. The manner in which she has embraced life and made all of her friends and colleagues recognize that a disability is not an impediment to leading a full and happy life is one of the most understated experiences that I have had. Spend 10 minutes with Maureen and I promise that you will never have that vague disquiet when you meet someone in a wheelchair again. Her love and determination when Dan and Maureen’s three year old was diagnosed with cancer and the matter of fact way that they adjusted their lives, worked through a successful cure, and shared their happy family life with the rest of us was an inspiration to me.  Go the Pebble!  Winning a gold medal in China and helping Nick Scandone achieve his life’s dream was almost like icing on the cake. Moral Fiber doesn’t even begin to describe Maureen.




But you don’t just elect inspiring people. Maureen is one of those gals who just gets stuff done. She is organized and energetic. She is incredibly capable. She is a powerhouse in the Arts Festival, a local mover and shaker on anything to do with disabilities and above all she is very involved in re-energizing enthusiasm and growth into the sport of sailing. Community sailing programs such as Sail Salem, Piers Park , disabled sailing, sport boat sailing, and all manner of regattas and events have benefited from her energy and effectiveness.

These are all good reasons to vote for Maureen. Plus she is one of the nicest people you will meet.

But Viper owners and sailors have another good reason to vote for her. We get a seat at the board room table of US Sailing . Maureen is a big supporter of our class. She thinks that the future of keel boat racing will rest on classes like ours and that we are going about it in the right way. Her husband, Dan, owns a Viper. Maureen races on a Viper (Did I mention she is paralyzed from the waist down? But she has been sailing a foiling Moth as well .)   This can only help our class.


She’s a great candidate. She is a terrific human being. We will have an advocate for 20’ sport boat racing and the Viper in particular at the highest level of US sailing.

Please vote for Maureen. http://about.ussailing.org/Directory/BOD/2010_Board_Election.htm