I am happy to report the Vipers were a huge success .

We had junior 5 (triple handed) teams race 5 loaned Vipers boats where each team raced each boat at least once. The Mystic River “Mudheads” won the regatta with 5 bullets, they are now heading California where they will sail Lightnings in a couple of weeks for the national title. (These kids would have challenged all of the locally sailed boats, I hope to see them out with us in the future. They can sail my boat any time it is available!)

They had great winds, ranging from 2 knots to 12 knots and fairly flat water. We learned the Mudheads spent a lot of time on a Viper prior to this event, obviously giving them an advantage but they were also just downright good sailors and a great team, very helpful and courteous (as were all the crews of the other four teams).

Even with the MRYC clearing winning this event (and therefore why they only ended up racing 5 races), all the kids wanted to continue racing/sailing the boats.

A HUGE thank you to the four other owners (Hiro, Joe Bainton, Joe Healey and Rich) who loaned their boats and came down to help over the past 3 days. Thank you Ray, Dave and Jesse for all your help with this event.

There was a lot of long hours but it was great to see the smiles on all the participants!