Viper 640 Sailor, Pat Mauro, Climbing Mt. Everest…NOW!    And you can join the expedition. 

In 2010, Patrick Mauro joined Larchmont Yacht Club to sail Vanguard 15s and subsequently became part of the Viper 640 fleet at the Club. But Pat may not have been fully satisfied by racing sportboats, and he soon had a foiling Moth zooming around the harbor like, well, a moth. His thirst for adventure, only matched by his generous philanthropic efforts with City Harvest, are still expanding. On his bucket list are two more, non-sailing adventures — to become an astronaut (really!) and to climb Mt. Everest.

As you read this, Pat is in the process of climbing Everest. It is understandable that considerable physical and mental conditioning is required before attacking the tallest mountain in the world, and Pat has paid his dues climbing many “lesser” mountains over the past year. What may be the most interesting aspect for those following his ascent, however, is the manner in which he and his party are climbing Everest. It’s not a straight assault up the side of the hill, but rather a progression of mini-climbs between base camps moving supplies upward, crossing neighboring Lhoste mountain, and then tackling Everest itself.

Pat, as any good Thirty-something, is keeping the world apprised of his progress via his website and Facebook account. In fact, last Sunday evening he broadcast a Facebook Live episode that many of his LYC friends watched in real time. There’s nothing like texting a friend in the process of climbing the tallest mountain in the world…on the other side of the world…and having him answer your questions on camera while you are sitting in the comfort of your kitchen.

Viper sailors members are encouraged to follow Pat Mauro as he becomes the first Larchmont Yacht Club member to summit Mt. Everest.

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