Written by Paul ZImmerman

The Class Rules require that all boats have safety lines installed under the gunwale, and the deadline was May for all boats to comply.  That means you have to get it done before NAs next month!  Here is the description to add safety lines to Pre-Rondar boats.  See attached photos as well
For each side:

1.) Starting from the stern, install one pad eye horizontally under the gunwhale. You will need 4 Ronstan RF 499 padeyes with ferrule or equivalent

2.) Mark three more locations measuring from the stern at 48″ intervals. You should end up with the forward mark approx. across from the mast

3.) the middle two padeyes are installed vertically and the forward one is mounted horizontally the same as the aft padeye

4.) use 8-32’s flathead machine screws and lock nuts to secure the padeyes.  Countersink the heads in the deck from above.

5.) each side should use a 15′ length of 4mm  rigid line(any type) and 10′ of small shock cord (4mm or less)

6.)  dead end both line and shock cord on the forward padeye and then lace both lines thru the middle two padeyes.

7.) the rigid line continues to the aft padeye and back forward to tie to the shock cord anywhere between the aft padeye and the next one forward.