Written by Jeff

Yup, you read it right. According to BYM News……..The kids at the Orange Bowl were drooling over the Viper and the Moth. Mom and Dad, isnt it time you were sailing something that your kids find exciting?

BYM News Wednesday, 30 December 2009 :- Orange Bowl Int’l Youth Regatta, Foiling international Moth sailboat & Viper makes sailors drool

Biscayne Bay was definitely the center of Miami’s action between the competing Orange Bowl boats, many coach boats and spectators and recreational boats (motor and sail) streaming down the Intercoastal. A foiling international Moth sailboat and a Viper were flying through the fleet making all the sailors drool. As the Orange Bowl boats sailed in after a long day, the sun was setting and a full Miami moon was already up in the sky. There was also a display of Atlantic bottlenose Dolphins performing in the midst of the 420 fleet.