prieto hoist

Home on the Water :   Check

Viper 640 : Check

Home built personal Viper hoist in your own backyard : Check

Entered for Charleston Race Week :  Darn. Conflict with my son’s Medical School function.

Well three out of four ain’t bad.  Welcome to Richard Prieto, new owner of Viper #124 and amateur home hoist builder on the east end of Long Island.  Let’s hear some more stories of anyone “living the dream” with their Viper, send the story to Peter Beardsley or me.

In the meantime, everyone should sign up for Charleston Race Week — aka, Viper Atlantic Coast Champs for 2012, and a qualifying regatta for the EFG Pan American Championship. 34 Vipers are already signed up from 12 states and provinces.  Register here and scratch sheet here.  Promises to be the best dockside party ever.