The final event in the EFG Bank Pan American Championship is the HPDO at Rye on October 9th/10th. The scores are suprisingly tight after 22 races with only one point between 1st and 2nd, and five points between 3rd and fifth.

There will be between 6 and 9 races at the HPDO, and the final scoring will allow 1/3rd of all races to be discarded, so its still wide open.

Currently 43 boats are qualified.

Top Ten are:-

Barry Parken/John Logue GBR/USA (1), Brad Boston/Lee Shuckrow CAN/USA (2) , Justin Scott GBR (3) , Somers Kempe BDA (4), David Guggenheim NZL (5) , Albert Heller CAN (6), Dan Tucker USA (7), Jeff Jones TEX (8) , Brian Kamilar (USA) (9), Stuart Hebb (CAN) (10).

With a strong showing from Canadian, British, NZL and Bermudan sailors, the USA teams have some work to do.

Let’s get it on at AYC for the final showdown next month.