HUGE congratulations to Viper 640 sailor Eddy Parker for having been awarded the US Sailing Hanson Medal for rescue at sea. As you can read below, Eddy was one of a host of NC sailors who jumped to action when a micro burst wreaked havoc on the 2015 Flying Scot ACCs being sailed in New Bern, NC on September 12.  With numerous boats mast-down, Eddy and 13 others did what had to be done to bring ashore all the sailors…safe and sound.

An Editorial Note from your Class Administrator: What Eddy did was courageous in anyone’s book…but that’s what sets apart the sport of sailboat racing. In golf or tennis there is no real apparent risk in playing the sport; however, sailing is a sport of a different color. Every time you cast off there is the chance “something” may happen. Unfortunately, too often something does happen. We saw it with our Fairhope YC friends at the Daphne Island race last year. We’ve seen it in the Fastnet and Sydney Hobart Races, and the list goes on and on.

Eddy probably didn’t stop for a moment to ask himself if he should jump to the rescue.  That’s the way he’s wired–and the way we’re all wired. And that’s why sailors have and share a special bond that folks in their whites or toting their own bag for 18 holes will never understand.

Thanks, Eddy, for being there, knowing what to do…and unhesitatingly doing it!  US Sailing is proud of you and so are your fellow Viper sailors.  Next beer is on me! BP

Read the US Sailing announcement HERE.


Left to Right: Joleen Rasmusssen, Eric Rasmussen, Robin Schaffer, Malcolm Shaffer, Ken Gurganus, Richard Schott, Eddy Parker, Mark Brennesholtz, Jeff Thomas, Skip Bynum, Jim Zahradkah, Clare Brock, Roger Brake, Joe Brake, Sam the dog. – See more at: