Written by Charles Goodrich

Both proposed Class Rules Changes (as worded below) were passed/approved and will take effect immediately. Proposal 1 had 28 “Yes” votes which represents approximately 62% of the Class membership. Proposal 2 had 35 “Yes” votes which represents approximately 78% of the Class membership.

The following two amendments to the Viper 640 Class Rules have been proposed. The Technical Committee unanimously recommends that both amendments be approved.


10.2.1  Electronic devices which measure or calculate, water depth, current speed or direction, wind direction or wind speed are prohibited.  (Deleting words:- boat speed, vmg from 10.2.1)

10.2.2 If an electronic device has not been specifically approved by the Viper 640 Class Association Technical Committee, it shall be assumed to be prohibited.

10.2.3 (i) The Tacktick micro compass is approved . (ii) The Velocitek SC 1 and the SpeedPuck are approved


6.1 c)  The main sheet shall be a minimum diameter of 8 mm (approximately 5/16″) except that a split end mainsheet may taper to a smaller diameter between the split and the attachment points on the hull.