Some of the 32 Vipers competing at Charleston Race Week carried Velocitek GPS devices onboard during the regatta.  We’ve used the track files recorded by the devices to create animated replays from the regatta, using Velocitek’s SpeedPlay software.

Click on any of the videos below to play back a race.

If you had a Velocitek onboard at CRW and your replay track is not shown below, contact Felipe Payet to get him your track data and have it added to the race replays.


  • After clicking on a replay to begin playback, Make sure the “HD” button at the bottom right of the replay window is highlighted in red, to play back a race in High Definition. If it’s not red, click on the HD button to enable High Definition.
  • To really see what’s going on in a replay, expand the playback to full screen by clicking on the “full screen” button to the right of the “HD” button.
  • If you don’t have a high speed internet connection, or the playback is too choppy/jerky, turn off HD playback by clicking on the HD button until it turns black.

Click “read more” below to see additional race replays.

Replays from day 2 of the regatta coming soon.

‘Thanks to Velocitek for providing the SpeedPlay software that made these replays possible.