2016 San Diego NOODs

Written by Tim Carter and Steve Bloemeke

March 18-20, 2016

Tim:  So, Steve.  We need crew for San Diego NOODs.  Know anyone?

Steve:  Yep.  Got the perfect person in mind.  Let me reach out to her husband, Craig Leweck and get her mobile number. They live down there and it will be great if she can make it.

And so it went. Lisa Leweck, who Steve has known since, well, many decades having grown up racing in the infamous Southern California Naples Sabot fleet (which has spawn numerous Olympic and World Class Sailors since the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s). Craig and Lisa have won Snipe Nationals and have dominated in every class they have set their minds to; however, Lisa has been on a 4-year sabbatical from sailing and, while she wanted to sail with us, she was concerned she would hold us back from being too rusty.  With Tim’s and Steve’s Viper experience and background, it would be a snap breaking her in, and given the simplicity of the Viper, we assured her that we would have fun and hopefully do well in the regatta.  (The spinnaker thing was a bit of novelty though!)

Upon arrival at Coronado Yacht Club on Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day, Tim organized a great Suite that was a four minute walk from the club and the same to the Irish Pub on the Island.  Perfect planning!  Somehow, Viper crews Mike Hester and Eric Chadwick managed to find our table and the Guinness and Green Beer flowed as promised.  Good times were had and we’ll leave it at that!  What happens in Coronado, stays in Coronado.

Day 1 of NOODs was won by Alex Steele in Last Call who sailed two- up in, ironically, what would be the windiest day of 12-14 knots with a 1-1-2 and our boat Cobra carding a 2-4-1.  Hester and Chadwick had good races which could be attributed to the pub, right?  Day 2 was a bit lighter and Last Call had their full crew compliment.  With Alex’s fiancé Shannon, they had a good day with a 1-1-2-2. However, Cobra held in there with a 2-2-1-1 showing them that a “50 something” crew can hang with the “30 somethings” in a nice 10-12 knot breeze.  So with the third day, Cobra needed to win all three races (or find a way to put 3 boats between them and Last Call) to capture the win as there was no race to throw out.  Alas, Cobra’s 2-1-1 wasn’t enough, and Last Call won the event nicely on the final day with a 1-2-2.   Third Place went to Todd Downey who won a hard fought battle between Hester, Chadwick, and Jim Sears/Nick Kofski.  Everyone enjoyed a great Race Committee led by PRO Jeff Johnson of San Diego Yacht Club.

Tim and Steve:  So, Lisa.  How do you like Viper sailing?

Lisa:  Oh my gosh, it was so much fun!!  Remember that reach coming towards the gate with the breeze on?!

Steve:  Tim, I think that she liked itI