On Tuesday, March 7, the Viper fleet made its way to Key Biscayne’s Boater’s Grill in No Name Harbor for our annual Cuban luncheon. Six crews chose the traditional method of arriving at No Name Harbor…sailing…while others opted to drive. In all, 35 folks enjoyed the bright blue waters of the lagoon as they celebrated Viperdom.

The “first” race, started off the Coconut Grove channel by Scorch sponsor Brad Boston of Doyle Boston Sailmakers, was a loon port tack fetch in 10-14 knots of wind. A couple of short tacks at the end put you at the finish…the Boater’s Grill. Four points of note:

  1. Cole Constantineau sheered a rudder pintel just after the start and luckily Brad was in his rhib to return him safely to port…and carry them over to NNH.
  2. A clerical error the night before the Scorch, rum-induced obviously, led Matt Harden’s crew to the line at 1030 vs. the competitor’s meeting at 1030. He arrived “very early” at NNH but will be rewarded for that appropriately. More on Matt in #4.
  3. Viper #235 Jackpot, sailed by Bill and Joanne Abbott with Buttons Padin aboard, was the first boat started by Brad to make it to shore…winning the “official” Scorch.
  4. Then the wheels all came off: John Dane (who DROVE OVER@#$%^) convinced everyone tied to the seawall to have a LeMans start for a race home…with the first person finishing a beer at the Coral Reef Yacht Club Bar would win the return trip.
    1. “No, we’re NOT putting up spinnakers inside the lagoon and mooring field!” said many skippers and then….pop, pop, pop…all the chutes were set as the boats jibed out of the lagoon around the anchored boats.
    2. A brisk 12 knot wind propelled the boats back across the Bay with Jackpot again in the lead.
    3. Jackpot put into Biscayne Bay Yacht Club and Buttons was sent to CRYC to meet John for the Beer…only to see Matt Harden running up the CRYC dock towards the bar. Buttons, in a gracious gesture, waited for Matt to get to the bar and they drank together…with Matt getting to the bottom a nanosecond ahead :see Chug Champ Video