Happy New Year to Viper 640 sailors everywhere!  With the turn of the calendar comes the time to join or renew class association membership for 2013.  If you missed the blast e-mail from the class earlier this week, here’s why you should be a part of the class association…

We all share the fun and excitement of sailing the Viper 640. If you already have renewed your 2013 Viper Class Membership, thank you!  As an existing owner or sailor, we hope you join the Viper Class Association.  As a new owner, we would like to introduce you to the Viper Class Association and hope you join.

The role of the Class Association is to help all Viper owners get the best from their boats and enjoy the “Viper Experience” both on and off the water.

In particular this means that we:

  • Facilitate communication among the community of Viper owners.
  • Organize regattas and circuits for the Viper Class.
  • Organize training clinics and coaching sessions for Viper teams.
  • Organize social events
  • Maintain Class Rules that ensure close, exciting one-design racing.
  • Provide trophies for Class championships.
  • Support the Viper 640 in handicap (Portsmouth Yardstick and PHRF) racing.
  • Promote the growth of the Class and its membership through professional PR and advertizing.
  • Preserve the Class philosophy of being an accessible, fast, easy, modern sportsboat.
  • Maintain a Class Website
  • Provide a Class newsletter

Your Class Association is largely run by volunteers who give a significant amount of their time to class affairs.  In addition, the Class Association volunteers obtain a substantial amount of funding for the Class expenses by raising money from sponsorship. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are a Class that is fueled by great people who are passionate about sailing a great boat and not big budget marketing. We ask that each Viper owner make a small contribution of $40 per year towards the cost of Class activities.

2012 was another successful year for the class. We saw the first US built Vipers come off the line at Whitecap Composites in Peabody, Massachusetts. As we enter 2013, we are waiting for Viper hull #200 to roll out! We had a record number of boats participate in class championships around the country, culminating with the Viper North Americans held in Marblehead Ma.ssachusetts The 2012 NA’s truly took the Class to a new level with teams from around the world comprising a 44-boat fleet. In fact, 5 countries were represented, with the top four places being represented by FOUR DIFFERENT flags!

This year, the Viper Class heads to Houston in October for the North Americans, which is sure to be another “can’t miss” event. This is in addition, of course, to the numerous local and regional regattas and events coming to a club near you!  All this for $40!  Once again, we recommend the class website to everyone. www.viper640.org. On this site you will find:

  • Class Rules
  • The Class Forum, which is a fountain of useful source of information.
  • Details, tips, and pointers about the Viper 640
  • Recent news
  • A racing and regatta calendar
  • A list of local fleets
  • Photos and other links/information
  • Contact information of other Viper owners, who are here to help

Our Class members and Class officers are here to help. So in addition to the Class forum, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Please take the time to complete the on line membership form needed to join the Class.  When joining via PayPal, please pay particular attention to use your preferred email and mailing address.  This will allow us to keep you in the loop and keep you posted about Viper activities. It will allow you to attend Class sanctioned events. Again, thank you for choosing the Viper 640. We look forward to seeing you out on the water soon!

“Who’s who in the Class”

Viper 640 Class Executive Committee

Dawn Kozak – Class President  prez@viper640.org

Dave Nickerson – Technical Committee  tech@viper640.org

Antony Chapman – Class Treasurer  treasurer@viper640.org

Peter Beardsley – Regatta Coordinator  wpbeardsley@gmail.com

Garrett Johns – Class Secretary  secretary@viper640.org