Lessons Learned at Charleston Race Week

Article by Zeke Horowitz While the weather in Charleston certainly didn’t live up to the hype, the racing and southern hospitality definitely did. Despite some less than ideal conditions, we were able to get in eight races on the Viper course and came away with many great memories of fun racing, and fun social gatherings […]

How to tension full length battens

This is a very thorough video on how to properly tension full length battens using the “rocket” batten ends. The “rocket” comes standard on North mainsails for the  Viper 640.

Go Fast Tips from NA’s winner, Chad Corning

This Viper tip comes from Chad Corning. Chad crews for Jason Carroll on Argo. Team Argo is our current reigning North American Champion. Chad takes us on a quick ride around the race course on Argo. First priority for Argo is to make sure our setup is correct. There are a lot of sail options for […]

A Different Take On Rig Tension

Contributed by Rod Beurteaux West Perth, Western Australia. Rod Beurteaux and crew sailed in the two 2014 Miami EFG regattas and came back for the recent Viper NAs in Long Beach. During those regattas, as crews swapped stories on the dock, Rod indicated that he was sailing (rather successfully) using greater shroud tension than most. […]